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The many benefits of Scenic Byway designation fall into five broad categories:

The recognition of a route by local leaders and New York State will, no doubt, foster local pride in the route and the intrinsic qualities along it. Only designated byways are permitted to display the New York Scenic Byways logo. New York State will produce logo signs and place them along designated corridors. The logo may also be used on state transportation maps to identify designated byways. In addition, New York State produces marketing materials that showcase the attractions along its Scenic Byways.

Scenic byways are links to New York's past. The buildings and landscapes along a byway tell the story of the people who lived along the route. Local byway organizers interpret their stories and make them accessible and interesting to visitors. The Scenic Byways Program provides organizers with technical assistance to interpret their byway.

Local citizens and groups along a designated byway are required to establish and implement their own plan to identify and protect the byway's character. The "Corridor Management Plan" is a key element in the New York Scenic Byways Program. It provides a mechanism whereby individual citizens can work together to protect the resources and heritage along designated byways.

The New York Scenic Byways Program is linked to other promotional efforts throughout the state. The "I Love New York" advertising program may feature attractions along designated scenic byways, and various State agencies may work with local groups to help develop their resources. In addition, businesses along designated corridors may also be permitted to use the New York Scenic Byways logo in promotional materials.

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) will provide advice at any point in the designation process.